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Here you’ll find a collection of work to help you answer the big question: “can this guy really write?”

sales page & email sequence copy


real estate investing mentor

The Quest: To create a sales sequence & sales page to launch Jhanel Wilson’s new mentorship program for the first time.

The Ending: Jhanel nearly 5xed her investment in the first hour after launching, and filled up her mentorship slots with plenty of participants (meaning real feedback to use in her next launch!).

sales page copy & email editing


globally-recognized marketing consultancy

The Quest: To create copy for Successwise’s signature course, based on founder & #1 bestselling author Allan Dib’s 1-Page Marketing Plan Framework.

The Ending: Thanks to new sales page copy, optimized email campaigns, and a post-purchase sequence to improve student results & lower churn rates, Successwise has seen $43,000 in course sales within the first 3 weeks of launch.

website copy


client experience strategist

The Quest: To create a single-page website to clearly communicate the value of Amy’s services to prospective clients.

The Ending: Amy now has newfound clarity on her messaging and plug-and-play sales copy she can continue to leverage across all her marketing channels.

website copy


business & mindset coach

The Quest: To create a website that would powerfully convey Natacha Cottu’s mission and how people can work with her.

The Ending: Natacha not only has a beautifully-designed website that entices visitors (courtesy of Poised Creative), she also has the messaging and copy to set herself apart & drive ideal clients to take action.

email & sales page copy


parenting coach

The Quest: To craft copy for Pascale Daher’s 12-week coaching program for parents who need lasting guidance, as well as welcome emails to nurture new subscribers into buying in.

The Ending: Pascale now has all the pieces & messaging clarity she needs to promote her program with confidence, and warm up new subscribers without lifting a finger.

email sequence copy


business coach

The Quest: To craft Loubna’s new welcome sequence, as well as optimize her freebie to ensure new subscribers are nurtured on autopilot.

The Ending: Loubna has seen positive results, including new booked discovery calls with subscribers that she hasn’t emailed in over a month, by repurposing the new emails.

email funnel copy


legal consultancy

The Quest: To craft copy for Lockhart IP’s lead generation funnel, including squeeze page, tripwire page & nurture sequence copy.

The Ending: Curt now has an optimized funnel he can continue to drive traffic to, in order to generate leads, and has seen conversions of up to 50% since our work together.