3 Important Things to Do Before Creating A Website for Your Business

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A lot of people come to me to help craft the copy for their new business websites.

Which I totally love! Creating the copy and helping them communicate what makes them special always makes my day.

That said, there are some coaches and consultants I have to turn away.

Because they’re way too fresh in their business.

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. We all start somewhere!

But there are so many things you need to do before creating a website, or even outsourcing that.

Cue the Myth Busters music.

See, the thing is…a website won’t get you more clients, sales, or credibility if you haven’t done the proper legwork beforehand.

What legwork? Well, that’s what this post is for.

So let’s get into it, shall we?

1st Thing To Do Before Creating a Website: Understand Your “Who”

Specifically, who you’re selling to.

Small businesses? Solopreneurs? Creatives? SaaS companies?

When you market to everybody, you resonate with nobody. You want to get specific on the kinds of people you want to work with, and/or benefit the most from your services.

Now, I go very in-depth with my clients when it comes to researching their “who” as part of our work together. But if you’re DIYing this, here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Who are they? What industry are they in? Are they a specific group of people? Do they have a certain personality type or belief?
  • What are their biggest goals? What do they desperately want to achieve?
  • Why can’t they achieve these goals on their own? What problems are holding them back?

That’s not all you should know, but, they’re a start, and when you find the answers to those questions, you should be set for your first four figures AT LEAST.

2nd Thing To Do: Refine Your Offer

It’s totally fine if your offer evolves and changes with your business. That’s natural.

However, when you’re in the early stages of your business, when you’re deciding how to structure your program, your processes, or even your business model, you shouldn’t be investing in a website or brand yet.


Because those early stages are when you see the biggest changes in your business, your vision, and in your offer. It’s like the puberty of your business.

Imagine if you made an investment into a brand-spanking website…only to realize this isn’t the right direction for your business, or that your offer isn’t what your market wants.

So how refined does it need to be?

It doesn’t need to be perfectly nailed down. In fact, working with a copywriter does help you better refine your offer. But, before that, you need to:

  • Have a general but clear idea of what you want to sell,
  • Have done your market research, and proven that your offer is something people want (we’ll get into how in the next section),
  • Be confident that this is the overall direction you want your business to go in for at least the next 4-6 months.

3rd Thing To Do: Sell Your Offer

Wait, whaaat?

You heard me right.

Before creating a website, you need to have sold your offer to your first few clients.

Here’s why:

  1. It helps you refine your offer. My packages, services, and processes have all gone through huge changes since the start of my freelance business. I learned what parts of my process needed fine-tuning, what problems people actually wanted to solve, and the benefits they resonated with most.
  2. It proves that what you sell is in demand. If you’ve successfully sold your offer to a handful of strangers (hopefully not strangers anymore, though!), then that’s enough proof that there’s a market fit. And you can be confident in the fact that your copy will serve you the best it can.
  3. It allows you to get a deeper understanding of your ideal clients. Because after a while out in the field, you should know what objections they have, where they hang out, the things they like about you, and what makes them buy.
  4. It helps you build more relationships and expands your audience, so that when it’s finally time to scale, you’ve already laid the right foundations (plus, it gives you a great source of website traffic to start off with!).

Buuut, it sounds a bit like a catch-22, doesn’t it?

Except it isn’t! You don’t actually need a website to sell your offer in the beginning, especially if you’re a coach or a consultant (it’s a totally different story if you’re selling a physical product, though).

Of course, you will need one once you start selling at scale, and once people start Googling you (because trust me, the vast majority won’t bother DMing you for deets).

And speaking of DMs, here’s how you can start selling and getting clients without a website early on:

Before Creating a Website, Take Advantage of Social Media

Yup. Find out which platforms your ideal clients use the most, and establish yourself on those platforms.

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Clubhouse, social media is ripe with prospects just waiting to work with someone like you.

Create an optimized profile (if you need some inspiration, you can check out my Instagram profile here), that clearly communicates what you do, who you help, and how people can work with you — a link to your Calendly scheduler will do just fine!

Share content and posts that help educate your potential clients about the problems they face (without giving away too much!), as well as inspire them.

And the most important thing: build. Genuine. Relationships.

It’s not enough to just post every day and pray. You have to get out there, engage with other people (even if they don’t engage back with you!), strike up conversations, and, well, network.

Sooner than later, you’ll start getting that handful of clients you’ll need to start scaling.

What to do before creating a website
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Okay, so I’ve done all of that. Now what?

Now you’re ready to grow and scale!

Maybe that does include a website. People might be Googling you now that your name is starting to get out there, or you want to offer a myriad of offers, and need a base to house your business.

Or maybe you’ll decide to head straight into multilayered sales funnels and focus solely on that.

Whichever it is, you do want to move away from social media. You want to outgrow that, and finally have a platform that’s all yours.

And when you’re ready for that, when you’re ready to invest in a copywriter to take your ideas and sharpen them into a high-converting message, you can hit me up.

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