Oh god, I have to introduce myself. The horror.

You’d think that as a professional copywriter who writes stuff like this on the daily, I’d be good at it by now. Anyways, hi, I’m Hinly Wong. People have called me a “secret weapon,” the “guy who made my embarrassment profitable,” and for some weird ASF reason, the “one who restored my faith in copywriters.”

I could go on. But it’s probably better if I just show you, through my regular email insights on copywriting and business:

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This could be you, too. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Oh right. Where are my manners?

I can’t expect you to just sign up like that. That’d be too easy.

*sniffle* even though I thought we had something special.

Jokes aside, this isn’t your usual copywriting newsletter.

It’s not another swarm of “PLEASE BUY MY 6-FIGURE BUSINESS COURSE NOW” promos (although, I will and do sell in my emails, because what better way to learn how to sell with grace than by watching it in action?).

And most importantly, it’s not another heaping helping of textbook blogs disguised as an email (how many of those are collecting dust in your inbox, again?).

Just ask any of my subscribers — and you’ll see that these aren’t your average Joe.


I-it wasn’t me, it was ActiveCampaign! Now you know why I’m never touching email personalization again.

They're the behind-the-scenes stories I don’t tell anywhere else.

The latest on what it’s like writing for 7- and 8-figure businesses, copy lessons, and business wish-I’d-known’s. Did I mention it’s free? And that like, you can unsubscribe at any time?

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Copywriter for coaches & consultants

From someone who actually knows a thing or two about copy.

Since getting my start in 2019, I’ve gone from writing basic blog posts to being the catalyst behind thousands in client sales and numerous brand “aha!” moments.

I know what works. I’ve been inside very profitable launches.

And I continue to be.

Which means real, relevant insight for you (and you can trust that when I sell you a digital product or course, it’s not the thing I’m building my entire business on).

I’ve worked with people who’re doing amazing things…


Aaand made a few celeb cameos as…

The random comment that got featured in one of Vanessa Lau’s YouTube video, May 2021

The random DM that inspired a Laura Belgray email, December 2021

…okay, fine. I wasn’t some superstar podcast guest. But hey, even Marilyn Monroe started as an extra. 😉

STILL not satisfied? Damn. You’re one tough customer.

Email PTSD. Oh you poor, poor thing.

Alright, I’m sure emails that’re worth getting shared on Instagram can’t be that bad, no?

I think my pal Jemilla from Storytella Studios summed it up preeeetty well. And if they do happen to disappoint, hey, unsubscribe link is right at the bottom of every email. 😉

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